A Guide to Singapore’s Financial District

23/05/2018 Tommy Ooi 0

Traveling in Singapore can allow you to see a truly unique place. Singapore is a thriving global business city, as well as a beautiful and exotic tourist hotspot and a travel hub, so there are […]


Top casinos to visit around Asia

21/12/2017 Tommy Ooi 0

Online casinos have had a profound influence in increasing the popularity of playing casino games. Prior to their creation, some players were rather intimidated to visit a land-based venue to learn how to play. Now, […]


8 Travel Saving Tips

02/08/2017 Tommy Ooi 0

Have you always dreamed of doing a tour of the Scottish isles? Maybe you’ve wanted to hike to Machu Picchu or see Antarctica? Big dreams often require big budgets, so if you want to cross […]


Upcoming Theme Parks in Malaysia

02/06/2017 Tommy Ooi 1

Until now, we have visited quite a bit theme parks while traveling such as Disneyland (Orlando, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, HK), Universal Studio (Singapore, Osaka, Orlando), Sanrio Puroland Tokyo, SeaWorld Orlando and Everland  Seoul. Without noticing, […]

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Smart Tips for taking Phones Overseas

15/02/2017 Tommy Ooi 0

Taking your phone overseas has become a norm in our digital world. Activities like sending emails, searching the web, updating social media and even using apps like Google Maps have all become invaluable for travellers […]


Save more Online with Paylesser

14/12/2016 Tommy Ooi 0

As we always mention, we love to save especially on travel related items be it from Flights to Hotels to Activities hence we are always finding more ways to save extra. Saving money on the […]