Dinner Gourmet Trail at Tandoor Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

One of Singapore’s most established Indian Fine Dine Restaurant, the award winning Tandoor Restaurant located in Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre offers traditionally prepared, authentic Indian cuisine from across the many regions in India.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreTandoor Restaurant

The contemporary designed restaurant infusing traditional art with twin pillars that house the traditional Indian craft of inlay mirrors & wall panels featuring Jaali, a latticed screen typical of Indian architecture that provides a calm & relaxing ambiance in a grand opulent setting.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreGlass Window allowing Chef to showcase their skill

As this is our first time, we were recommended to try the Dinner Gourmet Trail, a tasting menu that allows us to experience more variety of their signature dishes in a manageable portion.

The 5 course Dinner Gourmet Trail at Tandoor consist of Starter, Soup, Kebab, Main & Dessert with 3 available options:  Wine Pairing at $88, Dinner Gourmet Trail $58 & Dinner Gourmet Trail $48.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreStarter: Samosa & Corn Chaat – (Gourmet Trail 48)

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreStarter: Water chestnut & Corn Chaat – (Gourmet Trail 58)

We decided to try both Gourmet Trail $58 & Gourmet Trail $48 (indicated in photo caption) since both tasting menu offer slight different variation of food.

The meal started off with Corn Chaat, a simple yet healthy tangy corn salad seasoned with chili & masala powder that comes with either Samosa or Water Chestnut.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreSoup: Murgh Badam Ka Shorba – (Gourmet Trail 48 & 58)

Murgh Badam Ka Shorba is an Indian Chicken Soup cooked in a rich stock of chicken bones, pumpkin, carrots, onions & spices, brewed with fresh mint & infused with almonds.

The soup is a light bodied heart warming soup, not a creamy one yet rich & intense with distinctive flavours from the spices such as fennel, cardamons, peppercorns & bay leafs. A very unique Indian chicken soup that differs very much from Western or Chinese chicken soup making it a great addition of choice.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreKebab: Ajwaini Macchi Tikka & Nimbu Murgh Ka Tikka – (Gourmet Trail 48)

Next course, we were served Chargrilled Cod Fish Tikka & Chicken Kebab. The Cod Fish according to Tandoor supervisor, Mr Nitin is marinated for 48 hours with carom seeds & spices allowing the cod fish to fully absorb the marination thus making it very juicy and savoury. While the chicken Kebab is well seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir lime and jalapenos.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreKebab: Bhatti Ka Murgh, Szechuan Pepper Tandoori Jhinga & Bhune Tamatar Ki Chaamp – (Gourmet Trail 58)

For Gourmet Trail 58, the kebabs served are tandoori chicken served with pickled julienne of radish, beetroot and Indian coriander pesto sauce, Jumbo prawns spiced with Szechuan pepper, cheddar based marinade, served with garlic chutney & Lamb chops marinated with smoked Spanish tomatoes, flavoured with cinnamon, served with spicy mango chutney sauce.

In Indian cuisine, meat are always fully cooked, hence the succulent lamb chops are tenderized by the marination instead. I would love to try how it would taste if the lamb chops are cooked medium rare plus the marination. Would it further elevate the taste & texture?

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreMain: Malabari Fish Curry (GT 48) & Murgh Kalimirch (GT 58)

All mains will come with Saffron Rice, Dal Makhani which is black lentil cooked overnight & choices Garlic Naan, Olive Naan or Sesame seed Parantha.

For our main we ordered Murgh Kalimirch, a spicy chicken curry with Indian spices and a distinct flavour of black pepper & Malabari Fish Curry with chunks of fish cooked on slow fire in a tangy spiced coconut curry.

Tandoor Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City CentreDessert: Saffron Pistachio Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Rose & Cardamom Panna Cotta and Gajar Ka Halwa

Dessert wise, they serve Indian dessert such as Saffron pistachio flavoured Indian ice-cream, Rose & Cardamom Panna Cotta , Deep fried Khoya balls immersed in rose flavoured sugar syrup & Gajar Ka Halwa a sweet carrot dessert pudding from North India.

Indian desserts tends to be over sweet, and added spices into dessert were unique however it was something we couldnt comprehend with the contrast of taste.  Not too sure if it is our lack of tasting indian desserts or it should meant that way to be considered as authentically delicious. (Considering the same question faced when asking foreign friends to taste durian on how it should smell & taste)

Any Indian friends or readers would like to guide us on this?

Overall the dinner was excellent, refined food with great presentation in a nice environment. Some outstanding dishes such as Indian Chicken Almond Shorba, Chargrilled Cod Fish Tikka, Lamp Chops & Malabari Fish Curry are worth a purpose trip just to enjoy them.

Not to forget, special thanks to Mr. Nitin the supervisor who rendered superior services and spend time explaining in details of all the food served.

Highly Recommended: Indian Chicken Almond Shorba, Chargrilled Cod Fish Tikka

Verdict: 8.5/10

Tandoor Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

11, Cavenagh Road 229616 Singapore

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