The Art of Saving More Money Online

I find tremendous joy in traveling, but what could make it better? Definitely saving as much as I can in each trip. I grew up in a family that travels overseas once a year but I never started off my travel journey as backpacker but as a flashpacker.

The difference between of a flashpacker are even though we are budget cautions, we do splurge on a selective category we find joy when traveling such as 1 or 2 nights staying in luxury hotel. While backpacking focuses to spend as few monies as possible in each trip which some achieved by leveraging on hitch hiking & even Couchsurfing.

Which one are you? As everyone grew up in a different yet unique environment, the purpose of traveling differs as well. There is never a right or wrong way of traveling. To me it is a journey to discover your own self & achieving your life purpose.

Splurging doesn’t mean pay what they offer but finding the lowest price possible which incorporating saving hacks such as promo codes, special discounts, cash back & members only price. Most people should know more on cash back, so this article will focus on promo codes & special discounts.

Thanks to some travel hacks, our business class flight was cheaper than economy class

The downside of cash back, we need to fork out that extra 7% to 10% first and if you didn’t utilise the hotel stay or flight, your cash back is burn as well. So you end up losing extra 7% to 10%. So on the spot discount will always be my first choice.

So before any booking, I’ll visit some coupon sites such as & to check if there is any private discount or special promo code available. Coupon websites are a type of online savings platforms, which enable members to discover more saving opportunities source daily for their members.

Since there are many ways to save, try maximize all the savings as much as you can!

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