15 Must Visit Hakodate Attractions, Food and Travel Guide

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1. Mount Hakodate 函館山

Mount HakodateMount Hakodate is renowned for its view of the surrounding bay and the city. The attraction was awarded 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan, describing the view from the mount top as worth taking time out to see. The ropeway requires only 3 minute to reach the top.

It is recommended to visit around 1 hour plus before sunset so you can take 3 different types of shot, afternoon, evening & night shot. During winter, remember to wear sufficient warm clothes as it is very windy & cold on the mountain.

Mount HakodatePrice : Roundtrip – 1,280 yen / One Way – 780 yen

How to Get There : Jujigai Streetcar Stop. Walk 10 mins to ropeway station.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-3105

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 003

For More Info: Mount Hakodate Website

2. Fort Goryokaku 五稜郭

Fort Goryokaku, Hakodate

Goryōkaku was the main fortress of the short-lived Republic of Ezo. Built in the shape of star, this design not only allow more cannon placement on its walls, it also reduces the number of blind spots where a cannon could not fire.

After the war, the fort is converted to public park with its moat is surrounded by some 1,600 cherry trees, making the Goryokaku one of top cherry blossom viewing spots in springtime.

Price :  Free to enter the fort

How to Get There : Goryokaku Koen-Mae tram stop (五稜郭公園前). 15 mins walk

Phone (GPS) : 0138-51-4785

MapCode (GPS) : 86 165 027

For More Info: Goryokaku Tower

3. Hakodate Magistrate’s Office


The Hakodate Magistrate Office in the center of Goryokaku Fort is the administrative institution established by the Shogunate during the opening of Hakodate Port. From the tower, it is only 5 mins walk to the fort goryokaku. Visitors are able to explore the exquisite architecture and marvel at the craftsmanship.

Price : 500 yen

How to Get There : Goryokaku Koen-Mae tram stop (五稜郭公園前). 15 mins walk

Phone (GPS) : 0138-51-2864

MapCode (GPS) : 86 165 027

For More Info: Hakodate Magistrate Office Website

4. Hakodate Morning Market 朝市

Hakodate Morning Market

Hakodate morning market is merely 5 mins walk away from JR Hakodate Station and offers a variety of fresh high quality seafood with its cluster of 300 shops.

With millions of visitors annually, the shop keepers are very friendly towards visitors, even taking time to explain their goods to tourists. If you are looking for a challenge, try squid fishing. Upon catching it, the chef will immediately prepare squid sashimi for you.

How to Get There : 5 mins walk from JR Hakodate Station

Phone (GPS) : 0120-858-313

MapCode (GPS) : 86 072 376

For More Info: Hakodate Asaichi

5. Historical Motomachi


The Motomachi area which is located at the foot of Mount Hakodate became one of the favourite area for foreign residents. Hence you can find a wide variety of beautiful exotic townscape with Western-style buildings and slopes.

This area houses several historical buildings such as Russian Orthodox Church, Old British Consulate, Old Public Hall, Roman Catholic Church and others.

How to Get There : Jujigai streetcar stop. 15 mins hike.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-7387

6. Kanemori Warehouse 金森倉庫


The Kanemori Warehouse in Hakodate is another must visit. Located by the bay side, it was originally a port warehouse. Recently been redeveloped into an atmospheric shopping, dining and entertainment complex. This is the place to try amazing Hakodate patisserie such as Snaffles & Petite Merveille.

How to Get There : Jujigai Station. 5 mins walk.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-0350

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 613

For More Info: Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

7. Goryokaku Tower 五稜郭タワー

Goryokaku Tower Hakodate

Goryokaku Tower stands just next to the Goryokaku which allows visitor a magnificent panoramic view of the entire star-shaped fort and surrounding moat unveils itself to visitors from the observation platform of the 107-meter Goryokaku Tower.

Goryokaku Tower Hakodate 2

Price : 840 yen to observatory deck

How to Get There : Goryokaku Koen-Mae tram stop (五稜郭公園前). 15 mins walk

Phone (GPS) : 0138-51-4785

MapCode (GPS) : 86 165 027

For More Info: Goryokaku Tower

8. Snow Monkey Onsen

Hakodate Botanical GardenHakodate Tropical Botanical Garden is the place to see snow monkeys enjoying their onsen during winter time. It is not actually a vast space of park but more like a mini zoo with tropical botanical garden showcase. It is definitely worth enjoying the sight of monkeys enjoying a dip in onsen.

Price : 300 yen

How to Get There : Hakodate Bus – Nettai Shokubutsuen-Mae bus stop

Phone (GPS) : 0138-57-7833

For More Info: Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden

9. Donburi Yokocho Ichiba

Donburi Yokocho IchibaDonburi Yokocho Ichiba is a food alley arcade nearby the Hakodate Morning Market, is the place to find some of the best seafood donburi in town. Also one of Hakodate’s specialty Dancing Squid donburi is found there.

Donburi Yokocho Ichiba 2

Dancing Squid donburi is where the chef catches a live squid from the aquarium and quickly prepare the dish. As the squid is killed very fast, the muscle still reflexes hence the name dancing squid. This culinary skill is to ensure the ultimate freshness of the squid.

Video of Dancing Squid

How to Get There : 5 mins walk from JR Hakodate Station

Phone (GPS) : 0120-858-313

MapCode (GPS) : 86 072 376

10. Lucky Pierrot Burger

Lucky Pierrot

Lucky Pierrot is Hakodate’s home grown fast food chain few several restaurants in Hakodate. We ordered Shrimp Burger, Lucky Cheese Burger, Chinese Chicken Burger, Chinese Chicken Curry to try.

lucky2Though famous for their Chinese Chicken Burger, we do recommend to try their Grilled Squid, Shrimp Burger & order Chinese Chicken Curry instead as we find the Chinese chicken taste much better with curry.

How to Get There : Opposite Red Brick Warehouse, Jujigai Station. 5 mins walk.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-0350

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 613

11. Pastry Snaffle’s

HakodateSnaffle’s Catchcake is definitely Hakodate’s most famous pastry. Their renowned souffle-type cheese cake literally melts in your mouth like a cotton candy. Original flavour is the best, forget bout other flavours.

How to Get There : Red Brick Warehouse, Jujigai Station. 5 mins walk.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-0350

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 613

12. Uni Murakami

Uni MurakamiUni Murakami Hakodate restaurant is sea urchin specialty restaurants operated directly by a sea urchin processing plant. Uni or sea urchin has a delicate rich creamy flavour hence quality of the sea urchin determines its taste. So if you are a uni lover, this restaurant is the place to be.

Hakodate Fish MarketHow to Get There : 5 mins walk from JR Hakodate Station

Phone (GPS) : 0120-858-313

MapCode (GPS) : 86 072 376

Website : Uni Murakami

13. Petite Merveille

HakodatePetite Merveille is famous for their delicate design pastries and cheese souffle. Not only that they are also famous for incorporating pumpkin as main ingredient in their cakes & ice cream

MelCheese HakodateJapanese cheesecakes are totally different compare to other variety of cheesecake such as New York Cheesecake which are usually very solid. Japanese cheesecakes are often as soft as cotton candy with milder cheese flavour.

HakodateThey even make cakes super duper cute you might just buy and keep as long as possible instead of eating it.

How to Get There : Red Brick Warehouse, Jujigai Station. 5 mins walk.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-0350

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 613

14. Hakodate Beer Factory

Hakodate Beer

Hakodate Beer brew artisan local beer delivered direct from their brewer, so if you are interested to try out local beer, this is the place. It is a beer hall with 200 capacity offering a variety of food as well.

Hakodate BeerHow to Get There :  2 mins walk from Tram Suehiro Station

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-8000

Website : Hakodate Beer Factory

15. Milkissimo

HakodateMilkissimo offers premium gelato and originates in Hakodate, you can order the beautiful flower petal ice cream from this stall.

HakodateHow to Get There : Red Brick Warehouse, Jujigai Station. 5 mins walk.

Phone (GPS) : 0138-23-0350

MapCode (GPS) : 86 041 613

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