How to plan trip for Low Season Travel

For the budget-conscious traveller, planning trips for the low season can be a great way to save money while having amazing adventures. Some places are risky to visit at the wrong time of year, as monsoonal weather can easily ruin a trip. But some places are perfect to visit at the “wrong” time. Picking the right time of year to travel can save you money and let you see things you might miss during peak season.


Visit in: October-November

The gorgeous Italian island of Ischia is a place of dramatic vistas and historic towns. It’s also known for its hot springs and resorts, which are open year-round. Many of the resorts have their own hot springs.


Visit in: March-April

While Icelandic tourism peaks in the summer months, spring has much to offer. The winter storms have usually ebbed by then, and it’s the best time of year to see the Northern Lights. Reykjavik hosts a number of arts and cultural festivals in the spring months, making it the perfect time to visit.


When to visit: October

October is the perfect time to visit Vietnam: the monsoon season is over and it’s starting to cool down, but the temperatures are mild and pleasant. It’s also a great time of year to find a bargain, as tourism peaks in the summer months and over Christmas and New Year. Hotels can be up to $100AUD cheaper in October than in peak season.


When to visit: May

The amazing thing about Hawaii is that weather-wise, there’s not really a bad time to visit, so you have your pick of when to go. Though spring and autumn are generally good choices, May hits a particular sweet spot as it’s not school holidays in many places. Many hotels and airlines offer discount packages in the low season, so keep your eyes out.


When to visit: December-January

The Australian alpine region has much to offer in summer: hiking, wildflowers, fishing, not to mention the chance to escape the heat. The NSW town of Jindabyne is built for winter snow sport crowds, so there’s plenty of accommodation available at bargain prices in the summer.

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