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As we always mention, we love to save especially on travel related items be it from Flights to Hotels to Activities hence we are always finding more ways to save extra.

Saving money on the same product allow us to travel more, experience all the activities intended for the same amount of money thus for us it is very crucial. To help our readers save, we do post Airline & Hotel promotion on our Facebook page.

With the internet, gone are the days we require travel agents help to book hotel or flights, we can search all relevant travel info from the comfort of our home. Not only it is convenient, it is usually cheaper too.

Apart from the usual direct promotion & cash back, we too seek hidden promotion in form of promo code & special coupons. Special coupons are hardly to trace hence we refer to Coupon sites such as

Coupon sites are generally new in South East Asia but it is gaining traction as more transactions are made online.

Why coupon sites?

Coupon sites team like Paylesser Singapore focuses on sourcing the best deals & hidden promo hence we do not need to find ourselves. Daily the coupon site team will source as many websites for all available deals especially newer or lesser known website. Usually newer websites are known to offer aggressive promotions such as steep discounts to attract new users.

Apart from new websites, some established websites will offer private discount especially members only promo code which you & I wont receive it or special partners’ collaboration discount such as extra discounts on certain credit cards. Usually such discounts or promotions are not widely circulated, hence it would be a waste to miss out such great offers.

There was once prior booking our Etihad ticket to Europe, we used coupon sites to try our luck and the coupon site shows a 15% discount using American Express Card. The promotion was originally targeted to US customers but upon entering our card details, the discount was given, hence saving us extra 15% discount on our flight.

Deals and Discount on Hotels & Travel Booking

For hotels promotion, there are constant deals & promo code from Agoda, Expedia & discount code. Don’t stick to one hotel booking site as when other hotel booking sites have promo, it might be cheaper than your usual hotel booking site.

Need a bus or train ride? Paylesser also collaborate with Easybook, one of the most established bus & train ticket online booking site. I usually book my ETS train or bus to/from Singapore with them.

Not limited only to travels, fashionistas will definitely welcome the extra savings from Zalora, Qoo10, Groupon while foodies can score extra indulgence from FoodPanda.

The best discounts are definitely direct discounts since you immediately enjoy the savings.

How to Shop Online with Paylesser

To start your unlimited savings potential, you can start by creating your account on Paylesser. Look through all the available merchants on the website. Click on the merchant interested and browse the promotions available. If there is, click on Get Offer button and they will automatically direct you to the merchant website. Upon checking out on merchant website, just enter the promo codes if any and enjoy your discounts.

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