The Coronavirus outbreak affects Japan’s tourism. Here’s what you should know

2020 has seen a few unfortunate events so far, but the current crisis has been sparking panic all over the world in media and in people’s minds. The Coronavirus outbreak has changed a lot of things quickly. Schools and other institutions have been closed down, towns in certain hotspots have been quarantined and navigations have been deeply affected. This means that exports and tourism have changed as well. These situations appeared especially in the countries which have a high number of patients, and Japan in on the list. It’s advised to postpone your trips there if they are not necessary.

But thanks to Japan’s greatly expanded digital culture, going there and living the experience is not the only alternative. Amongst the greatest Japanese ways of entertainment is online gambling. Formed by the Eastern way of gambling, developed for centuries, but made illegal in modern times in great parts of Asia, the Japanese online gambling scene is now the best in that part of the world. Check out the mobile casino’s list that you can play in Japan, get massive bonuses and enjoy the fun while being safe from the pandemic.

Online gambling is fun and it stimulates the casino experience really well, especially with the flourishing development of Live Casino games, where the layout and the game design is meant to make the player feel like they are playing in a real casino. Live Dealers work at the table dealing the cards, the dice or manoeuvring the Roulette wheel. If you’ve planned a trip to one of Tokyo’s top casinos, you can now do so from the safety of your own home environment.

Technological advancement has become such a vital part of the Japanese lifestyle that most things are now done on mobile phones. Things, like paying bills, working, texting, drawing, getting in touch with loved ones or peers, are now done through apps. However, the utility of mobile phones has extended to gambling as well. Most casinos on that list have a specialized app as well as bonuses tailored only for Android and iOS. That is why players that wanted to wager in the high-end Japanese casinos are able to do so from home.

Mobile sites focus on what players want the most: a great gaming experience and loads of bonuses. Thanks to today’s technology and how well the online is shaped by the preferences of the users, sites have appeared that will showcase what’s best and what you should avoid when choosing a certain virtual gambling platform. If anything, the present state and all the quickly accessed advantages make the online gambling better than the classic one.

It’s not wise at the moment to plan a trip to Japan. As of right now, the World Health Organization has reported close to 500 cases of people that have contacted the new type of Coronavirus. The medical identification of this new virus is COVID-19, a virus that spreads from person to person and will show symptoms similar to the ones of the other types of flu (fever, tiredness and a dry cough are among the most basic types of shown manifestations of the infection, but others can appear depending on the immune system and medical history of the patient).

Shown on the live map that tracks the spread of the virus, Japan is currently the 8th place among the countries that have reported Coronavirus infections. However, if you consider the special case or the Diamond Princess cruise ship that had close to 670 cases, Japan situates itself currently on the 9th position in the list of places that have reported confirmed cases.

It would be recommended to stay safe. Even if the disease can be fought with efficiency through the use of flu meds and the high majority of infected people recover completely after being treated, the best alternative so far, before the release of the vaccine, is to work towards containing the spread. This is done by quarantining the infected patients and slowing the traffic in the places with a high number of active cases.

So, try out an alternative to travelling for now and keep yourself and the people around you safe from any discomfort!

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