Tokyo On Budget – 5 Cheap & Delicious Food under 500 yen

Eating in Tokyo doesn’t necessary to be very expensive, you can eat a budget too!

As travellers ourselves, we do eat cheap to save up for more luxurious meal thus during our latest Tokyo trip, we kept an eye on cheap eats that is delicious as well.

500 yen is approx USD4.20 / RM15.60 / SGD5.60

1. Hanamaru Udon (420 yen)

Hanamaru UdonHanamaru Udon Ueno

Available in various places in Tokyo, Hanamaru Udon serves a variety of delicious & cheap udon. Apart from their fixed menu, diners can top up a selection of tempura as well.

Hanamaru UdonOntama Bukake + Prawn Tempura – 420 yen

Hanamaru UdonMenu

2. Matsuya 松屋 (480 yen)

Matsuya 松屋Matsuya Asakusa

Matsuya another Japanese chain outlet specializing in gyudon (beef-on-rice) and yakiniku set meals is another great place for budget eats.

Matsuya 松屋Premium Gyumeshi with spicy sauce, green onions and an egg – 480 yen

Matsuya 松屋Matsuya Menu

3. Tendon Soba Udon (500 yen)

Tendon Soba Udon

While sightseeing in Asakusa, we came across Tendon Soba Udon shop and surprisingly the food offer fit the budget as well. Tempura can be expensive in another restaurant, especially Asakusa has lots of restaurants specializing tempura.

Tendon Soba UdonTendon with prawn, squid, sand border, pumpkin and green beans tempura – 500 yen

Tendon Soba UdonTendon Soba Udon

Outlets in Tokyo: Tendon Soba Udon

4. 幸樂苑 (421 yen)

幸樂苑幸樂苑 in Akihabara

幸樂苑Shoyu Ramen 極旨醬油拉麵 – 421 yen

幸樂苑幸樂苑 Menu

5. Family Mart or 7 Eleven (398 yen)

FamilyMartFamilyMart Harajuku

Literally available almost everywhere in Tokyo, convenience shops like FamilyMart & 7 Eleven is a great place for cheap eats. A wide variety of bentos are available from udon to rice to pasta and within minutes, your hot meal is served.

FamilyMartFamilyMart Bento: Salmon, Prawn Tempura, Fried Mashed Potato, Tamago (egg), vegetables & sour plum – 398 yen

No more excuses that travelling in Tokyo is expensive! Share this article to your friends & start planning your Japan trip!

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  1. hi tommy i am planning to have my tokyo vacation with my family thank you so much for your blog i find it helpful for a traveller who are looking for a reasonable place to stay!
    where can i find a forex exchange for philippine money that exchange good currency

  2. Hi Tommy, I find your guide very useful and same me a lot of time exploring. I spent a lot of time do planning when I went to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto in 2014.

  3. Hi! Were planning to visit Tokyo and Osaka I’m just wondering how many days should we allocate on each place? Can we possible squeeze it into 8 days stay in Japan? Which one do you prefer Osaka or Kyoto?

  4. Hi tommy,
    I’m planning to visit Tokyo and Hokkaido during my 12 days trip.

    Is buying JR 14days pass economical ?

    • Hi Jessy, if u have 2 or more, consider drive in Hokkaido.. Tokyo itself dont need JR pass. I think sometimes cheaper to fly from Tokyo to Hokkaido

  5. hi there. which one of these mentioned are recommended for Muslims? If there is any, do we need to give them special instructions like ‘no meat’ or ‘no alcohol’?
    thank you
    ur help is very much appreciated

    • I also eager to know about this kind of things during visit to Tokyo, if Tommy could help it will be very thoughtful. Thanks in advance. BTW, your guide here also very useful, thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Haz, also there are few muslim eateries in Japan. I think is harder to tell them no meat or no alcohol but rather u decide what to eat yourself. This is due to most japanese doesnt understand english

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